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The first definition of family is a group of individuals linked by blood or by wedding.

Usually, in a family we love, respect and help each other.

These last few years, it has been shown that family isn’t only the traditional model of the mother, the father and the children : there are also monoparental families, or families with same sex parents...

A family isn’t only a group of people linked by blood or weddings : some people have lost their families, or don’t know them very much and don’t feel attached to them, some are rejected by their family.

Sometimes, we find a family in a group of people with whom you don’t share any parental relationship. It’s a chosen family, for example a group of friends who make you feel good, loved and respected, who accept you for who you are.

Sometimes, family demands sacrifices (see sacrifice) : for example, you can sacrifice you career to take care of your children, many people are ready to sacrifice their life to save their family if they need to.

A family, chosen or not, is supposed to give us the love, the support and strength (see strength) we need in order to succeed in life.