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Beauty can be so many different things. It’s everywhere if we allow ourselves to see it.

First, there’s beauty in us. Everyone is beautiful! Our faces, our eyes, our smiles, our bodies… We all have features that make us look pleasant.
Inner beauty is also very important: our moral values, our generosity (cf valeur generosity)... Every aspect of our personality that makes us a good person.

If we go a little bit further, we can see that beauty is actually present everywhere : in nature, in art...

Some people consider beauty as something objective, like for example the philosopher Kant defines Beauty as “that which please universally without concept” : we don’t need to be an expert in art to find a painting beautiful, we don’t need to know everything about nature to be amazed by a beautiful landscape... Beauty can be seen by anyone because it doesn’t require a specific knowledge or state of mind.

Other people may think that beauty is subjective : it’s in the eye of the beholder. Something is beautiful only because our judgment decided that this thing corresponds to our beauty criterion.

Some people may think that beauty means perfection. But perfection doesn’t exist, no one, nothing, is perfect. There’s beauty in imperfections too, that’s what makes us and the world more interesting.

So, this value is for those who see beauty everywhere, who think that life is beautiful and who consider themselves pleasant looking (yes, you can have a blazon that shows your own beauty, remember that you can brag!)… for Romantic people. It’s also for people who think that being beautiful is a sign of good fortune, or a divine gift.