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Hope refers to the act of expecting something with optimism.

Hope is a form of desire we use when we feel like we might obtain what we want.

This value helps us to hold on during a difficult situation and prevent us from being too desperate, from having this feeling that things won’t get better, that we will never get what we want (see melancholy).

Hope can bring us a sense of security because it gives us the feeling that even the hardest situations can get better.

Some people also say that “While there is life there is hope” which means that as long as life goes on, there will always be hope somewhere.

Even though in some situations it might be hard to stay hopeful because we feel like we won’t make it, there will always be a way for things to get better.

Hope is also something that you can share with others : when several people are facing the same difficulties, one may have more hope than the other and so they can help them to not lose hope. We can also give hope to someone by showing them that we got through some difficult times, that we succeeded and got something we wanted, by showing them that they can have hope too because the same things will happen to them.