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Audacity is an ambivalent value : it can be positive or negative.

For some people, audacity is a bad thing because an audacious person will not hesitate to do the boldest things to achieve what they want. That’s why we decided to associate this value with the tag “Antagonist”.

In a story, the antagonist is the character who’s opposed to the main character, he or she is the villain. Most villains are very audacious, they won’t hesitate to do anything to achieve their goal even if it means hurting or killing people.

But that’s not true! We believe that audacity is a great and positive quality, which is why it also has the tag “Prestigious”. For example, audacity is launching a project that will be extremely challenging for you because it requires tools and competences that you don’t specifically have. Some people wouldn’t accept this challenge because they think that it’s too difficult or that it’s impossible to accomplish it, but you are audacious enough to surpass yourself and at the end of the day, your efforts and your audacity will make you successful!

Being audacious also means having ambition : if you have big projects and you are ready to do anything to achieve them, if you know where you wanna be in 10 years even if it seems impossible. You need audacity to be successful!

So, you may want to choose audacity for your blazon if you value ambition, if you are ready to do anything to achieve your goals.